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School Subsidy Application 2023

Conditions of the subsidy

  1. Schools Programme Subsidised Rates: The subsidy only applies to bookings on weekdays within a school term and within school hours.The subsidy only applies to bookings made by primary, intermediate or secondary schools.
  2. Bookings must be made at least one month in advance.
  3. The minimum number of applicants is required per session, per activity. If not, the group may combine with other groups to meet the minimum required.
  4. Students/youth must be under 18 years of age. Minimum age limit per river also applies. Each student participating must submit a signed Vector Wero Parental/Guardian Consent Form upon check in. Schools cannot substitute their own consent form. Students/youth without a signed form will not be allowed on the water.
  5. Apart from November/December, numbers must be confirmed one month out from the booking. Following this, an invoice for the final numbers will be issued for payment. There are no refunds for drop-outs or non-attendance on the day once the invoice has been issued. Payment cannot be made on the day.
    1. Exception: Full payment is required to make a booking in November/December. Once an invoice has been issued for the required sessions, the school has seven (7) days to make payment or the session/s are released.
  6. To ensure pastoral care of students, all schools must have a minimum of 2 adults accompany the group for each session booked, and remain on-site for the duration of the activity. At least one adult must be land based during the activity. 
  7. Business hours: Winter - Wednesdays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm. Summer - 7 days from 9am to 5pm.
  8. Terms and conditions of the Park will apply (click here).


Programme TypeCourseStandardSubsidised
Tamariki Rafting (Allow 2 hours)
Rafting Programme includes 1 hour on water
Tamariki River /
Grade 1-2
min. 28 required
River Rush Rafting + Pump Waterfall (Allow 2 hours)
Rafting Programme includes 1 hour on water. Minimum age requirement - 13 years old
River Rush /
Grade 3-4
min. 28 required


Programme TypeCourseStandardSubsidised
Freedom Kayak Hire (1 hour on water)
Self-guided. Gear fully provided. Maximum of 30 per session.
max. 40 allowed
Instructed Flatwater Kayaking (1 hour on water)
Guide ratio 1:10. Gear fully provided.
min. 10 required
White water Kayaking (1-2 hours)
Please click for more information
Lake /
Tamariki River

River Crossing

Programme TypeCourseStandardSubsidised
River Safety & Crossings (Allow 2 hours)
Guide ratio 1:10. Gear fully provided.
Tamariki River$50.00$26.00
min. 30 required

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Programme TypeCourseStandardSubsidised
Stand Up Paddleboard Hire (Allow 2 hours)
Self guided. Maximum of 10 per session.
min. 1 required
Giant Stand Up Paddleboard (1 hour on water)
Maximum of 8 participants on 1 Giant SUP
min. 1 required
max. 16 allowed

Apply Here

What do you want your students/youth to achieve from their white water experience at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park? i.e. your intended learning outcome, working towards an award/badge, etc.

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Please note: Due to large volumes of inquiries for November and December, full payment is required to make a booking. Once an invoice is issued, you will have seven (7) days to make payment. If payment is not received, the session will be released.