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Freedom Hire - Kayaks

Flat Water Kayaking

Paddle & explore the lake at your own pace - hire a kayak! Vector Wero Whitewater Park has a range of flat water hard shell and inflatable sit-on-top kayaks for hire. Sit on tops are safe and easy for everybody to use – even if you have never kayaked before.

  • Students must be 8 years or over on the day of the activity.

Total duration

Allow two ( 2 ) hours from Check-In time

  • Check-in & safety briefing (45 min)
  • On the water (1 hour)
  • Students ready to depart (15-30 min)

Additional Information

  • Please note that freedom hire is self-guided. For a guided session, please click here
  • Standard check-in times: 9am, 10.30am, 12pm
  • No adults are required to participate
  • Swimming gear is recommended
  • Changing rooms/showers on site
  • Gear Included:
    • Helmet
    • Personal Flotation Device
    • Wetsuit boots
  • Wetsuits available for hire (please enquire when booking)
  • Please note that Friday's & Saturday's are not available to book in December.
  • Please note that the students do not go on the whitewater or waterfall during this activity.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.