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Whether you’re keen for a solo white water kayaking adventure or just a relaxing jaunt around the lake, there’s a kayak option for you at Vector Wero!

Paddle at your own pace with a sit-on-top kayak, or sign up for one of our white water kayaking lessons and start taking on the rapids. Experienced kayakers are welcome to bring their own equipment to try on both courses, and we even offer advanced lessons and assessments for those that already have a taste for white water.

Come for an hour, stay for a day, or grab yourself an annual pass and become a regular – whatever you choose, we’re here to provide what you need for a great day on the water. 

Each activity has an Activity Calendar that shows availability dates. So choose your ride, and get ready to make a splash!

Risk & Hazard Disclosure
Participating in activities at the Park entails inherent risks like cuts, impact injuries, dehydration, and even death. Injury from collision in water (other participants, craft, other fixed hazards), aspiration of water, drowning, sun burn, hypothermia and injury whilst moving around course ie slipping, tripping and falling.