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Tamariki River Kayaking

Tamariki River Kayaking

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What do you want your students/youth to achieve from their white water experience at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park? i.e. your intended learning outcome, working towards an award/badge, etc.
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Kayaking for 8 yrs old and above. Intermediate experience and Tamariki River certification required.

Please note: Availability is based on share-time during Tamariki rafting trips. For River Rush kayaking availability, click here.

Don't have your Vector Wero G2 certification or any white water kayaking experience?

  • Click here to view more information about Private Kayaking Lessons 
  • Click here to view more information about Tamariki Inflatable Kayaking (no assessment required)


All kayakers must have Vector Wero Grade 2 (or higher) certification to kayak on the Tamariki River. If you are not certified, you will need to book an assessment. Kayakers will need to be at least eight ( 8 ) years old with intermediate kayaking experience.

Kayakers need to bring their own kayak, buoyancy aid, helmet and paddle.

Day Passes

A great deal for regular kayakers, this stand by pass offers a minimum of two (2) hours water activity within an eight (8) hour period. Extra hours subject to availability. Available for purchase at Vector Wero reception. 

Season Passes

Available for purchase at Vector Wero reception.

Summer December 2nd 2024 to April 30th 2025 ($500.00)
50% off 6-month boat storage with season pass.
Winter May 1st to October 31st ($375.00)
50% off 6-month boat storage with season pass.

Annual Passes 

$750.00. Free 12-month boat storage with annual pass.

Available Add Ons for Hire

  • Boat and/or equipment
  • Note: The Pump Waterfall activity is not an available add on for Tamariki River Kayaking.

Total duration

Allow 90 minutes from the booking time. Activity is for one (1) hour share time with rafts.  Click here to view the Kayak check in times.

Suggested clothing

Dri-fit shirt, Thermal polypropylene top for colder weather. Bring your own towel and sunscreen. Refrain from wearing jewellery and other valuables.

Activity includes

  • Use of changing rooms with shower
  • 50% off 6-month boat storage with season pass

Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.


Click here for frequently asked questions.