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Private Lessons

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What do you want your students/youth to achieve from their white water experience at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park? i.e. your intended learning outcome, working towards an award/badge, etc.
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Custom lessons to kick your kayaking skills to the next level. This one (1) hour session can be tailored to your needs - whether you are new to kayaking or you want to sharpen up your skills!

Please note Private Kayaking lessons are limited as we reopen the Park. Private lessons will be added when the Grade 2 river is running (so flow will be available to use during the session) and kayak instructor is available. 

Adventure Level: Low to High depending on session needs

  • One (1) hour session catered to individual needs, for example:
    • Rolling sessions
    • Coast to Coast specific lessons
    • Working on skills required to gain a Vector Wero G2 or G3 certification

Ratio per person for Instructor Fees (includes gear hire)

  • 1:1 - $145 total
  • 1:2 - $175 total ($87.50 per person)
  • 1:3 - $205 total ($68.33 per person)
  • 1:4 - $240 total ($60 per person)
  • 1:5 - $270 total ($54 per person)
  • 1:6 - $300 total ($50 per person)

Total duration

Please allow 1.5 hours - includes one (1) hour on water.

Suggested clothing

Dri-fit shirt, shorts and secure, lace up footwear ie sneakers. No aqua socks. Bring your own towel and sunscreen. Refrain from wearing jewellery and other valuables.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.


Click here for frequently asked questions.