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Tamariki Birthday Party Packages

Tamariki Birthday Party Packages

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We know organising a children's birthday party is an important event and can be a tough challenge. Vector Wero has the perfect solution for you! Get it started on this recreational ride on the Grade 1-2 Tamariki River. Your rafting guide will help you go through the gentle dips and eddies of this 200m water course --- and you'll master the course in no time.

Requirement: Children aged five, six and seven need to have a parent, caregiver or responsible adult on the water with them at all time.  Required ratio is one ( 1 ) parent per two ( 2 ) kids aged five to seven ( 5-7 ). If all participants are eight (8) years or older, they are able to raft on their own. Click here for more information.

Risk & Hazard Disclosure
Participating in activities at the Park entails inherent risks like cuts, impact injuries, dehydration, and even death. Injury from collision in water (other participants, craft, other fixed hazards), aspiration of water, drowning, sun burn, hypothermia and injury whilst moving around course ie slipping, tripping and falling.

The Birthday Party Package (2 hours) is perfect if you want to book a birthday party with catering included in your package (rafting only). 

The Birthday Party Combo (3 hours) is perfect if you want all the above PLUS kayaking and paddleboarding after your rafting trip!

Both packages include up to seven (7) rafters and can include adults (e.g. 6 children & 1 adult):

  • Tamariki River Rafting (Grade 1 & 2) 
  • Four pizzas per raft
  • Soft drink/juice/water for seven (7) guests (per raft)

Select from our all-time favourites: Double Cheese, Meat Lovers, Pepperoni and Hawaiian. Vegan and/or gluten free pizzas available upon request. If you want to make a booking within the next 7 days, please ring reception at (09) 9135251.

If you would like to celebrate a Birthday Party, but don't want the catering - the Exclusive Raft Packages are perfect! To book an Exclusive Raft Package or Exclusive Raft Combo, click here.


Our activities have an Activity Calendar that shows availability dates so you can check your dates and times before booking.  

Total duration

We require you to arrive 15 minutes before your check-in time to fill out an acknowledgement form. 

For the Birthday Party Package, allow two (2) hours from your check-in time for your rafting activity. This includes safety briefings, your one (1) hour activity on the water and time to change before and after the activity. Your pizza & soft drinks will be served after your trip, so please allow extra time for this.

For the Birthday Party Combo, allow three (3) hours from your check-in time for your rafting and flatwater activities. This includes safety briefings, your two (2) hour activity on the water and time to change before and after the activities. Your pizza & soft drinks will be served after your flatwater activity, so please allow extra time for this.

Changes and Amendments

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your birthday party booking within 7 (seven) days the pizza portion cost will be lost and the reschedule date will not include the pizza package. 

Suggested clothing

Swimwear, Dri-fit shirt and shorts (you will get wet!). Bring your own towel and sunscreen. Refrain from wearing jewellery and other valuables. Limited number of wetsuits are available upon request.

Activity includes

  • Buoyancy aid, safety helmet, paddles and booties
  • Use of changing rooms with shower

Available Add Ons

  • Note: The Pump Waterfall activity is not an available add on for the Family Rafting Package.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.
  • Please note that once your booking is confirmed, there are no refunds if you have less participants on the day or if you cancel your booking. Please keep this in mind when booking.


Click here for frequently asked questions.