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Beginner White Water Kayaking

Beginner White Water Kayaking
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Beginner lessons for kayaking.

Would you like to become a whitewater paddler? Are you ready to take the plunge? Let our team of skilled and friendly instructors help develop your skills in a safe but challenging environment.
For session dates and bookings, call 09 976 7777 or email

Adventure Level: Medium

Basic kayak fundamentals required

Session 1

Flatwater and tailrace eddies

Our first session of beginner white water kayaking will introduce you to the fundamental skills needed to paddle white water. Starting with an introduction to the sport and learning about the white water environment, you’ll learn how to control your kayak using basic paddle strokes.

Session 2

Flatwater, tailrace eddies and Grade 2

Our second session of beginner kayaking will build on the skills covered in session 1, as well as being introduced to safety techniques and theories that will form a great foundation for your future in kayaking, culminating in your first paddle strokes in Grade 2 white water.

Session 3

Grade 2 and understanding of river and safety techniques

The third level of our beginner sessions focuses on breaking down the river to its basic elements and mastering each one. Finishing with a free paddle session with the instructors, where we can work on individual elements of your paddling.


  • Participant need to be atleast eight (8) years old
  • Participant must be physically fit, a strong swimmer and be very confident in the water

Total duration

Three two ( 2 ) hour sessions over three weekends, or one intensive weekend. Winter season dates to be confirmed.

Suggested clothing

Dri-fit shirt, shorts and lace up shoes. Bring your own towel and sunscreen. Refrain from wearing jewellery and other valuables.

Activity includes

  • Boat and equipment
  • Use of changing rooms with shower

Available Add Ons

  • Wetsuit hire
  • Lockers are $2.00 per two hours. Payment via debit/credit card and coins only.

Beginner White Water Kayaking Check In Times

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Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.


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