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Kathmandu Coast to Coast Grade 2 Certificate

Kathmandu Coast to Coast Grade 2 Certificate
$150 per person for scheduled assessments $200 non-scheduled/on demand assessments $150 non-scheduled for a group of 3-4, max of 4 Contact Us

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Assessment session for the Kathmandu® Coast to Coast Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate.

***Please note Vector Wero are not currently running Coast to Coast lessons or assessments***

Please use the contact us form below to be notified when they are running again.

Vector Wero is an authorised assessor to gain a Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate for the Kathmandu® Coast to Coast World Multi-Sport Championships. 

The two hour session includes the following checks below. For the full certificate assessment checklist, go to the Kathmandu® Coast to Coast website (click here).

  • Demonstrate competency in your race boat
  • Identify hazards and risks associated with kayaking on Grade 2 white water
  • General paddling skills demonstrated (forward and back paddling, low braces, ferry glides and breaking in and out of eddies)
  • Demonstrate understanding of gear and safety equipment
  • Demonstrate self rescue in Grade 2 white water
  • Whitewater float position
  • Active swimming
  • Buddy/boat rescues
  • Receiving throw bag
  • Demonstrate an understanding of hypothermia symptoms, prevention and treatment
  • Your race boat (or a similar boat if renting for the race) will be required for the certificate session. 
  • This is a skills assessment session and not a training course. Lesson are not required but are recommended to ensure you have the required knowledge and experience to pass the assessment. 


  • An understanding of basic river hazards and hydrology
  • Own race boat for the session

Total duration

Two ( 2 ) hour session

Suggested clothing

Dri-fit shirt, shorts and lace up shoes. Bring your own towel and sunscreen. Refrain from wearing jewellery and other valuables.

Activity includes

  • Use of changing rooms with shower

Available Add Ons

  • Boat and equipment
  • Wetsuits
  • Lockers are $2.00 per two hours. Payment via debit/credit card and coins only.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the white water park before booking.


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